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About the Ready School Assessment

Online profiler

The Ready School Profile shows the school’s relative strength in each of the 8 dimensions and 23 subdimensions of school readiness as measured by the Ready School Assessment. When supplied with scale ratings from the completed Ready School Assessment (RSA), the Online Profiler will compute the user’s Ready School Profile. The profile provides a starting point for further discussions of how well the school is addressing the needs of children and families who have recently transitioned or are about to transition into the school, and how components of the school’s readiness can be improved.

Also shown on the profile graphs are comparison bars for each of the Ready School Assessment dimensions and subdimensions. The comparisons are the average of a sample of schools that have completed the RSA. The average scores are included to give an idea of how your school compares to schools in the larger sample. These comparisons should be interpreted cautiously since your school may differ in important ways from the “average” school.

To access the Online Profiler, click on the “New user?” registration above to submit your registration key (supplied with the RSA Kit) and obtain your personal login and password. For information about the RSA Kit, click here.