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Dimensions of Measurement

The Ready School Assessment identifies eight major dimensions of what it means to be a ready school. These comprise the eight dimensions of RSA measurement.

  1. Leaders and Leadership
    The Principal advocates for and leads the ready school.
  2. Transitions
    School staff and parent groups work with families, children, and their preschool teachers and caregivers before kindergarten and with families and children during kindergarten to smooth the transition from home to school.
  3. Teacher Supports
    School organizes classrooms, schedules, teams, and staff activities to maximize the support for all adults to work effectively with children during the school day.
  4. Engaging Environments
    The school’s learning environments employ elements that make them warm and inviting, and actively engage children in a variety of learning activities.
  5. Effective Curricula
    The school diligently employs educational methods/materials shown to be effective in helping children achieve objectives required for grade-level proficiency.
  6. Family, School, and Community Partnerships
    The school takes specific steps to enhance parents’ capacities to foster their children’s readiness and to support children’s learning in and outside of school.
  7. Respecting Diversity
    School helps all children succeed by interacting with children/families in ways that are compatible with individual needs and family backgrounds or life experiences.
  8. Assessing Progress
    School staff engage in ongoing improvement based on information that rigorously and systematically assesses classroom experiences, school practices that influence them, and children’s progress toward curricular goals.