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Are You a Ready School?

The Ready School Assessment (RSA) is a tool for school improvement teams to develop a profile of their school’s readiness. The assessment centers on eight dimensions of school readiness – Leaders and Leadership; Transitions; Teacher Supports; Engaging Environments; Effective Curricula; Family, School, and Community Partnerships; Respecting Diversity; and Assessing Progress. Each dimension is broken down into a number of indicators – those policies and practices supportive of and critical to the success of children as they enter and begin their elementary school careers. To use the Ready School Assessment, the improvement team scores each of the RSA’s items based on evidence about practices and policies in their school. To get a taste of the RSA, take the ready school quiz below.

Assessment Quiz

  1. Does the principal communicate a clear vision for the school – a vision that is committed to the success of every child? (Yes/No)
  2. Are parents of incoming children contacted about registration and school entry 3 or more months before school starts? (Yes/No)
  3. Do kindergarten teachers communicate with preschool/child care staff about children and curriculum on an ongoing basis? (Yes/No)
  4. Do classrooms have a variety of manipulative materials and supplies for art, building, and hands-on learning? (Yes/No)
  5. Are procedures in place for monitoring the fidelity of implementation of all instructional materials/methods? (Yes/No)
  6. Does the school promote community linkages by making and following up on appropriate referrals of children and families to social service and health agencies? (Yes/No)
  7. Do classroom activities provide accurate, practical, and respectful information regarding peoples’ cultural backgrounds and experiences? (Yes/No)
  8. Does the school employ improvement strategies that are based on an assessment of the quality of the classroom as well as children’s progress? (Yes/No)

If you responded “No” to two or more items, see how the Ready School Assessment and school improvement resources described on this site can help improve the readiness of your school.